I8kfanGUI 3.1

Monitors and manages fan operation in notebooks
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Control and maintain the functionality of fans installed in notebooks of the Dell Inspiron/Latitude/Precision series. The utility accesses hardware settings and monitors fan work capturing and presenting the data on the internal temperatures with options to adjust speed.

Even though laptop fans don't seem as important as CPUs or video cards, if a fan turns off inadvertently, it can cause a lot of damage if we fail to notice that. On the other hand, when the system detects overheating, the computer automatically shuts down, but it never alerts if the fan was off. With I8kfanGUI, you can monitor and control the fan on some DELL laptop models (check the home URL for supported models).

You can monitor and control the temperature of the CPU, GPU, memory, chipset, hard drive, CPU speed, and CPU load. You can manually control the fan speed, or you can set the program to control the temperature automatically according to one of the policies: normal, games, office, and meeting - each policy can be modified depending on the values configured in the Options window. You can check graphs and save the history log. Also the program adds a system tray icon that allows you to view any of the monitored results. The only disadvantage I found is that only some DELL laptop models support all the functions offered.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can monitor the CPU temperature of your laptop and prevent it from getting damage


  • It only works with some DELL laptop models
  • This program is not supported by DELL
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